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The play portrays human relationships through an intimate and delicate story of a couple in everyday situations throughout their lives. Exploring the language of expressive masks and without the use of words, the dramaturgy is inspired by songs from Brazilian popular music that reveal love stories.

Director: Luciana Viacava

Cast: Aline Grisa, Felipe de Galisteo and Fernando Martins

Scenography and Masks: Fernando Martins

Light Design: Marcos Nascimento

Music: Marcelo Pellegrini

Production: Bufa Productions

Duration: 50 minutes

H E   T H I E V E S  O F  T H E  P O R T

A rich merchant in Venice finds himself in a delicate situation when his goods begin to be stolen. While seeking to negotiate the protection of his fortune with a certain captain, his daughter falls in love with a young foreigner. But the interests of the father and daughter come into conflict when power and greed are imposed as values superior to the most sincere human feelings.

Director: Fernando Martins

Dramaturgy: Felipe de Galisteo

Cast: Cel Oliveira, Edilson Santana, Fabiano Wagner, Luana Oliveira, Paul Zanon, Santhiago Nery and Val Nascimento

Set Design, Costumes and Masks: Fernando Martins

Light Design: Felipe de Galisteo

Music: Daniele Siqueira

Production: Bufa Productions

Duration: 90 minutes

S M A L L  W O R L D

Small World is composed of ten experimental variations of the larval mask that confront different materials forming landscapes of possible poetic interactions with early childhood.

Direction: Fernando Martins 

Cast: Aline Grisa, André Pastore and Marcos Nascimento

Light Design: Felipe de Galisteo

Scenography and masks: Fernando Martins

Music: Ivan Alves

Production: Bufa Productions

Duration: 50 minutes