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Fernando Martins 
Performer, Director, Scenographer, Mask Sculptor and Physical and Visual Theater Trainer 

Co-founder and artistic director of Centro de Pesquisa da Máscara - Mask Research Center (Madrid - Spain). Has studied at Scuola Paolo Grassi and and at Centro Maschere e Strutture Gestuali with Donato Sartori. continually develops research on theatre masks in Europe and America. Has also studied commedia dell'arte and physical theatre with Fabio Mangolini, Ana Vasquez de Castro, Antonio Fava, Thommas Leabhart among others.

He guides whorkshops and laboratories in European institutions as well as international companies and schools. Creates and develops leather masks for performers and theater schools in Portugal, Belgium, Brazil, Italy, Japan, United States and Germany.

At Centro de Pesquisa da Máscara, he stages many performances and conducts a permanent program that travels around mask pedagogy, covering neutral, larval and expressive masks, in addition to human comedy and commedia dell'arte. Also conducts an annual international laboratory on leather mask making.

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