The play portrays human relationships through an intimate and delicate story of a couple in everyday situations over a lifetime. Exploring the language of full expressive masks and without the use of words, it draws dramaturgical inspiration from Brazilian popular music songs that reveal love stories.

Directed by: Luciana Viacava

Performance: Aline Grisa, Felipe De Galisteo and Fernando Martins

Set Design  and Masks: Fernando Martins

Light Design: Marcos Nascimento

Soundtrack: Marcelo Pellegrini

Production: Bufa Productions

Running Time: 50 minutes

O S  L A D R Õ E S  D O  P O R T O


A wealthy merchant from Venice finds himself in a delicate situation when he begins to suffer from the theft of his goods. While he seeks to negotiate the protection of his fortune with a certain captain, his daughter falls in love with a young foreigner. But the interests of father and daughter come into conflict when power and greed impose themselves as values ​​superior to the most sincere human feelings.

Directed by: Fernando Martins

Dramaturgy: Felipe de Galisteo

Performance: Cel Oliveira, Edilson Santana, Fabiano Wagner, Luana Oliveira, Paul Zanon, Santhiago Nery and Val Nascimento

Set & Costume Design and Masks: Fernando Martins

Light Design: Felipe de Galisteo

Soundtrack: Daniele Siqueira

Production: Bufa Productions

Running Time: 90 minutes

P E Q U E N O  M U N D O


Pequeno Mundo is made up of ten experimental variations of the larval mask which faces different materials forming landscapes of possible poetic interactions with early childhood.

Directed by: Fernando Martins 

Performance: Aline Grisa, André Pastore and Marcos Nascimento

Light Design: Felipe de Galisteo

Set Design and Masks: Fernando Martins

Soundtrack: Ivan Alves

Production: Bufa Productions

Running Time: 50 minutes

I N T R I G A  D E  A M O R


On a night of celebration of the engagement of young Flaminio and Isabella, which will seal the union between the Lombardi and the Bisognosi, a man emerges who can screw up with everything: he is Lucca di Medici. Once the party night is thus destroyed, a succession of facts will reveal to the audience secrets of the past and cunning tricks on various sides of this story in which not everything is what it appears to be, and where the lie prevails over the truth 

Directed by: Fernando Martins

Performance: Alessandro Aguipe, Aqua, Camila Rodrigues, Daniel Goes, Guilherme Ramos, Ivan Alves, Kethelyn Bonino, Naty Thyaie, Rafael Mariposa and Rebeca Ristoff

Dramaturgy: Felipe de Galisteo

Set Design and Masks: Fernando Martins

Costume Design: Fernando Martins, Kethelyn Bonino and Rafael Mariposa

Musical research and arrangements: Fernando Martins and Ivan Alves

Light Design: Felipe de Galisteo

Production: Bufa Productions

Running time: 100 minutes


Petunio is a wanderer clown who only takes a cart full of technological junk that he picks up along the way. Of them, alone, he made a sound machine that seeks to capture some signal far from the small universe where he lives. While trying to communicate with the outside world, he ends up surprised by the discovery of a new being. Show mixes physical comicity, clowning, music, circus balancing and animation theatre with a bird, let's say, quite curious.

Directed by: Fernando Martins 

Dramaturgy: Felipe de Galisteo

Set Design: Fernando Martins 

Performance: Wandré Gouveia

Musical Research and Synthesizers: Wandré Gouveia

Costume Design: Daniel Infantini

Running time: 50 minutes

O U R O   V E L H O   E M   M A R
C A L M O   A F U N D A


Will the sea of ​​history lead us to shipwreck, to a safe haven, or will we continue adrift? Divided into two complementary stories, "Ouro Velho in Mar Calmo Afunda" brings up extremely contemporary themes through the language of the commedia dell'arte. In the first part, we present the canovaccio "O Rei do Cais" - The King of the Wharf, which tells the story of a captain who lands in the city of Genoa, taken by an unprecedented supply crisis, installing himself as a tyrant to govern the destiny of others. In the second part, "Mistério na Pocilga" - Mystery in the Pigsty, some of the characters in the first story disembark in Spain, living countless misadventures around a valuable “treasure” inside a very suspicious inn.

Directed by: Fernando Martins

Dramaturgy: Felipe De Galisteo

Set Design: Fernando Martins

Costume Design: Fernando Martins and Janaína Mello 

Musical research and arrangements: Fernando Martins and Danielle Siqueira

Light Design: Felipe De Galisteo

Production: Bufa Productions


Part I "O Rei do Cais": Celma Ioci, Danielle Siqueira, Eduardo Gotlib, Ian Noppeney, Janaína Mello, Marcos Nascimento, Ricardo Pena, Cézinha Vieira 

Part II "Mistério na Pocilga": André Pastore, Bárbara Mistrineiro, Carolina Bagnara, Iris Nascimento, Luiz Paulo Marques, Maurício Ramos, Murillo Nascimento, Pedro Daher, Tobias Vilhena e Yago Correa

Running time: 200 minutes

D I Á R I O  D E  U M  P Á S S A R O


In the duality of being a boy and also a bird, Fernão lives his childhood and adolescence without touching his feet on the ground. Along the way he will meet characters who will try to convince him to walk like everyone else. Will they succeed? The show uses aerial acrobatics, masks and puppetry to tell this story.

Directed by: Fernando Martins

Direction assistant: Camila Rodrigues

Dramaturgy: Antonio Hildebrando

Masks: Fernando Martins 

Performance: André Pastore and Marcos Nascimento

Set Design Fernando Martins, André Pastore and Marcos Nascimento.

Light Design: Gabriel Pangonis

Costume Design: Paolo Suhadolnik

Puppets: Evelin Cristina 

Soundtrack: Danielle Siqueira

Running time: 90 minutes